Leeds Mindfulness, Well-being, & Spirituality Centre

  • Secular Mindfulness
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Positive Emotion Enhancement
  • Interfaith Exploration
  • Psycho-spiritual Integration

We are continuing to meet  at Kirkstall Abbey and added eventw below as well:

Kirkstall Abbey Regular Event

We are still teaching evey Tueday at 1.45pm as Kirkstall Abbey Visitors Centre – in the Rose Room

This continues out study of breath anchor, bodyscan, self-nurturing, loving kindness and pure awareness practises. It is suitable for all comers, but you will need to book a space.
To book a space please email Steve at leeds.mindfulness@gmail.com or ring 07999218450

We are meeting once again in Chapel Allerton:

The Inkwell Mindfulness Group has moved

We have moved to the Insight for Wellbeing Meditation Room at the bottom of the garden at 11c Allerton Park, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 4ND. We meet Fridays 1145am-1pm and participate in 2 led meditations rotating breath anchor, bodyscan, self nurturing, loving kindness and pure awareness.
Our facilitator is Steve Hart.
Cost £6/5 conc.
To book a space please email Steve at leeds.mindfulness@gmail.com or ring 07999218450


Extra Events – 

Kirkstall Abbey Wellbeing Events

Kirkstall Abbey is delighted to host four wellbeing events in May.
They are facilitated by Steve Hart.
The Venue is the Rose Room, Visitor Centre
Tues 10th May Introducing Secular Mindfulness 1.45pm
Fri 13th May – Exploring Self Esteem 1.45pm
Tues 17rh May – the Confidence  Journey 1.45pm
Sat 21st May – Enhancing Positive Emotion retreat 11am-3pm
exploring self nurturing, self compassion and loving kindness meditation
All events are free but donations to the Abbey are welcome.


more events –

UK Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Community Day Retreat

Led by Sahil Sefer Nur Warsi with contributions from Suleiman Salaam (Steve Hart).
We will participate in zhikir (communal chanting the Arabic Names of God), salawat (praises of the Prophet), sobhet (spiritual discussion), readings and prayers (salat and dua).
Newcomers and sufis from other lineages are welcome.
We are also planning a regular Sufi Peacemaker Circle session – a space where sufis gather and form council circle sharing inspirations and orientation.
Sat 28th May 2022 at 11.30am-4pm
All events are free but donations are welcome.

To enquire about courses, or to book your space email Steve Hart


Details of all these events will all be published on our new website nearer the time, or keep in touch via Facebook.

Our current Programme offers both exciting connection in person and teaching via Zoom*


*Zoom is a free easy to use online facility that is the best connection in these unprecedented times.
These will be offered during this unprecidented period and will continue for the forseeable future. 
Steve Hart is now offering telephone one to one mindfulness and meditation sessions. Ring 0799 9218450 for more information.


A safer way of learning mindfulness, meditation and self help
Using Zoom; paying by paypal (You will need to download Zoom to participate in the events and register with Steve so you secure your space)
Dates & times to be negotiated with participants – please email Steve Hart leeds.mindfulness@gmail.com for more information

Drop in Meditation Group  – online

Here we will be meditating in Zoom  ; consolidating our meditation skills or learning breath anchor, bodyscan, self nurturing meditation and loving kindness practise. This will be a weekly event – you will need to book a space. The drop in space is a friendly skills sharing activity.

Cost £6 per session.

We are delighted to offer the following mini courses


A 2 week workshop exploring how we nurture ourselves, trust our heart space with self compassion and build better self esteem We will be drawing on resources and skills from Compassion Studies and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Resilience Building. £18 (2 weeks 4 hours)


What is confidence and how to do we attain it ? An exploration of our values which underpin confidence building and looking at the relationship between self-compassion meditation and the confidence journey. £18 (2 weeks) 4 hours


Do we often feel we have difficulties with communication , boundaries and establishing win-win situations with ourselves and others ? In these workshops we will explore our usual styles of communication and how to respond to aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive people. There will be some self compassion/loving kindness meditation from which to draw on creative reserves. £18 (2 weeks) 4 hours

MINDFULNESS : A Secular Exploration

An introduction to mindfulness and meditation for stress reduction, pain management and better wellbeing. We will be learning breath anchor, bodyscan and loving kindness ways into meditation. ( 2 weeks) 4 hours £18


A thorough exploration of loving kindness meditation and other dimensions of positive emotion spectrum practises including self compassion, compassion for others, sympathetic happiness (or empathetic joy), equanimity and generosity. (5 weeks) 10 hours £36


A deep exploration of traditional mindfulness and meditation from different Buddhist traditions. Cultivate a calm abiding presence in meditation and learn spiritual methods and theories that underpin the practises. (5 weeks) 10 hours £36

Our Future Online Courses

We are currently planning the following retreats/courses/workshops. Please email Steve for further information. 





Our sufi events are on-line in Zoom. Please email Steve for more information

These will be on-line in the autumn. Please email Steve for more information. 

Mindfulness, Meditation and Interfaith Practices

Through disciplines of Mindfulness and Interafith Practice, we can relate to others, the world and ourselves in a rich and deep way – finding understanding in what it is to be truely alive. 

Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn how to meditate and practise mindfulness, emphasising stress reduction, pain management, self nurturing and loving kindness practises. Regular drop ins and classes will also explore relaxation, concentration, self compassion and mindfulness in relation to self care, self esteem and self confidence……..

Dates and venues to be announced in the early summer 2020.

Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi Community (Leeds)

We meet monthly.  There is led facilitation from Nur Sefer Sahil Warsi and Suleiman Salaam. We enjoy a short reading from Shaykha Fariha’s “Invitation to Union” and participate in the communal chanting of the remembrance of God, or “zhikir”. This is a friendly space and everyone is welcome.

Details of venue, dates, to follow…..

Zen Peacemakers

A sociocratic and egalitarian expression of spirituality and meditation practise. We participate in  training in spirituality and socially engaged approaches and meet in Chapel Allerton on a monthly basis.

Our new programme will be announced in the early Summer 2020.

Contact us

You are welcome to call for more information, or to email Steve at:


One to One Support

Steve has a background in counselling skills, transpersonal approaches to depth psychology and Peer Support. One to one work can include a synthesis of these approaches together with mindfulness and meditation skills. 

Lectures & Workshops

Steve has taught mindfulness, meditation in  secular environments such as businesses, Universities, colleges, leisure spaces, etc. for many years and is available to facilitate such sessions at competitive rates. Steve also lectures in depth interfaith encounter and various spirituality approaches, including Zen, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Kabbalah, Christian mysticism, Hinduism, shamanism, etc. 

About the Organiser/Facilitator

Lead Facilitator, Steve Hart (Suleiman Salaam, Shinchi Daishin)

  • Steve has a depth of experience of approaches to mindfulness since 1986
  • A skilled communicator and teacher from a deep study of Buddhist traditions, Sufism, Hinduism, shamanism,  and Christian mysticism. He is a man with a great depth of understanding.
  • He is a Dharma and Vision holder in the Zen Peacemaker tradition, (given the name Shinchi Daishin), and ‘ordained’ in the Nur Aski Jerrahi Sufi tradition, (given the name Suleiman Salaam).
  • He organises the Kirkstall Abbey Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Spirituality Festival (held in October every year)

Interested in more about the facilitator, Steve?

Thanks for reading on. This section offers some background to Steve’s journey and the richness of his experiences.

Steve Hart has taught mindfulness and meditation since 2010 in secular business, educational, community, health, arts and third sector environments. Mainly the approach here is to share a non-religious grounding in experiencing stress reduction, better wellbeing, optimum mood and positive emotion enhancement as expressed in loving kindness, self compassion and compassion for others, empathetic happiness and equanimity. A particular passion Steve has is empowering people with mental health difficulties through sharing such practises. Steve also is available for one to one therapeutic work drawing on a variety of related disciplines stemming from mindfulness and heart-centric approaches.  

Steve also teaches in faith and spirituality settings and defines himself as an Inter-Religious practitioner and has a heartfelt connection with a plethora of faiths and their spiritual technology – Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, shamanism, Christian mysticism and more. Steve is a Dharma and Vision Holder in the global Zen Peacemaker community in the lineage of Roshi Bernie Glassman. (The Zen circle is a sociocratic and egalitarian expression of different dimensions of spirituality) Also Steve is a community organiser and dervish in the Nur Aski Jerrahi Sufi community directed by Sheikha Fariha based in New York. Both the Zen and Sufi communities meet in Leeds (see “events”). Steve also organises and delivers at the annual Kirkstall Abbey Mindfulness, Wellbeing & Spirituality Festival in October and is the guest speaker for the Abbey’s Western Mysteries lectures (see “events”). 

Steve is available for lectures, retreats, residentials or workshops on any of the above.